VIDEO: Sade – “Babyfather” (Snippet)

I’m guilty of beginning all my Sade blogs with a statement about the general gorgeousness of whatever it is they’re doing.

Once again, it’s my instant reaction to the intense colourfest of the ‘Babyfather’ artwork and music video. Released tonight exclusively on iTunes for 48hours, with deliciously bold colour clashes and beautiful imagery the ‘Babyfather’ video is literal candy for kids. [Plus that other kind – she, of course, looks stunning.]

So, I’m afraid, to watch the full video right now you’ll have to buy it exclusively on iTunes
But hey – what’s £1.29 among fans?


Alternatively, wait 48 hours – but in the meantime, here’s a 38-second snippet to whet your appetite…

Did it have you reaching for your credit card?

[via EW]

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