So, I know I’m probably a bit late in flagging up cover band extraordinaire Pomplamoose since they appear to have been knocking around for a good while. However up until a few days ago, when I heard another artist recommend them on TV5’s live music show ‘Acoustique’, I was unaware of them. The band are Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn and only after two years of officially being a band they have quite an online following. Check out the videos below of their take on MJ‘s ‘Beat It’, EWF‘s ‘September’, Nat King Cole‘s ‘Nature Boy’ and Beyoncé‘s ‘Single Ladies’, you’ll begin to understand why. Nataly’s got a pleasantly scratchy Feist-esque quality to her voice. And isn’t her mildly startled deer-in-the-headlights singing expression just adorable if slightly disturbing? I really like their version of ‘My Favourite Things’ from ‘The Sound of Music’. During the intro Nataly’s doing some fiendishly clever chord inversions whilst apparently modulating the key mid-phrase…at least that what’s it sounds like to me! The bass line on ‘Nature Boy’ is pretty damn brilliant as well.

Acts such as Pomplamoose remind me that good interpretation is truly an art in itself that demands as much originality as composing a song from scratch.