Usher – “Climax” | Music Video

I’ve been an Usher fan for a long, long time, so  I can’t even pretend that his more recent spate of (I’m gonna blame that dude for everything that’s wrong with the world) and David Guetta inspired nonsense hasn’t drained me emotionally. With that in mind, like a lot of people, I was overjoyed to hear this superstar return to his R&B roots with new single “Climax”. Diplo’s stunning production keeps it sounding fresh and relevant at a time when the genre is hardly en vogue, but this is, at its core, a classic R&B breakup song.

This track’s getting a lot of love right now, and with his characteristic perfect timing, Usher’s just dropped the music video. There’s something a bit strange about seeing a man act out singing falsetto the way he does in this video, but nonetheless these are some interesting visuals that add another dimension to an already fantastic song.

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