UK R&B Crossover: Nathan ft. Flo Rida – “Caught Me Slippin”

It’s always interesting to see which UK artists capture the attention of an American audience. Seemingly, R&B singer Nathan may be one of them. Known in the UK for his debut song “Come Into My Room” (which charted at 37), the last I recall heard any new music from him was his 2006 album Masterpiece (spawning single “Cold As Ice” and “Do Without My Love“). Then all went quiet – until now. Late last year, his name started popping up in conversations with our American media peers, leaving us scratching our heads. Did they know something we didn’t?

When I interviewed him back in 2007 he said, “I don’t wanna be classed as just an R&B artist because it’s not just R&B I wanna do and I’m influenced by a lot of different types of music,” but admitted to plans to “establish myself as the best R&B artist in England – I do wanna bring back UK music.”

He added, “The other day I said to someone ‘When is the last time a R&B or Hip Hop song from the UK got into the top 10?’ – it was a long time ago! They didn’t count Lemar, ‘cause he’s not doing R&B music – he’s more easy listening. Amy Winehouse is more Soul than R&B. And there’s been songs, like Fun*dmental [now FDM, signed to Ne-Yo’s Compound Entertainment label], but they just don’t get the push.

“There’s definitely a gap for someone to come in and put R&B back on the map, the last person to do that was Craig David. Since then, it doesn’t make any sense because there’s loads of guitar bands – seven or eight that are dominating right now – and not one R&B or Hip Hop act. Then Ciara, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo can come over and have number ones… and we can’t do it – and we’re doing tunes that arguably are just as good. A lot of people are saying that my music’s on the same level as those acts, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be getting the same recognition.”

Perhaps the fruit of that mentality he expressed three years ago, Nathan is back in 2010 – with Flo Rida in tow on new single “Caught Me Slipping”. Watch the hard-to-find video here (brought to our attention by the good folk over at YK2 – apologies for the autoplay):

Nathan ft. Flo Rida – “Caught Me Slipping”:

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