Tyler, The Creator – “Transylvania” | Fan-Made Video

Transylvania” is actually my favourite song from Odd Future’s defacto leader Tyler, The Creator‘s sophomore album Goblin, so when I saw that the good folk at H5C (who made the the amazing unofficial videos for Frank Ocean‘s “We All Try” and The Weeknd‘s “The Morning“) had gone ahead and made a video for it I had to press play.
Now the majority of the video is dope and captures the energy of the song perfectly, portraying a group of kids who could actually be members of OFWGKTA (they aren’t!) doing exactly what they want to do and creating havoc around the city of Los Angeles, then it gets dark… very dark.
Just a word of caution before watching the full clip below, Not a lot shocks me, but I was left feeling disturbed at the end.

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