TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice) – ‘Bugg’n’ | Music Video

With their collaborative TNGHT EP now safely residing in the cushions of your speakers (I hope so, anyway), electronic wunderkids Hudson Mohawke and Lunice give their bangin’ “Bugg’n” cut the visual certification. And rightfully so. As for the audio itself, the echoey, industrial kicks strike immediately, before glugs of what I assume to be neon paint pour into the production as you most likely trip balls at the rave/in front of your bedroom mirror.

Meanwhile, the visuals, brought to us by Dominic Flannigan and Peter Marsden, are largely parallel to the music, as we see a toddler get left to play alone, before getting crunk with her toy box. She happens to have an Elmo doll, which will force the pill-fuelled paranoia out of you around the midway mark.

Stream the TNGHT EP in full here, and fork out the spare change for it on iTunes.

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