Tito Lopez – ‘Mass Appeal 2.0’ | Music Video

There’s an unwritten code in hip-hop that some instrumentals aren’t to be touched (not unless you come with your absolute best). But Mississipi lyricist Tito Lopez is just one of a handfuls of emcees that gets a pass to bring Gang Starr‘s timeless ’94 record, “Mass Appeal”, into the new era.

Over a slightly rehashed version of Premo‘s instrumental – which he dubs “Mass Apeal 2.0” – Lopez simply has a ball with the wordplay (“Boy you confuse us, one minute you a thug/ Next minute there’s no T and you just need a hug”) through his Southern-twanged delivery. No wonder Dr. Dre gave this kid the co-sign.

Enjoy Tito Lopez’s cover of “Mass Appeal” below and be sure to pick up The Hunger Game mixtape in full here.