Theo Martins – “Turn It Up” | Music Video

Here’s the brand new Albert Huerta-directed video for Theo Martins‘ “Turn It Up” which samples vocals from Plan B‘s “Love Goes Down” and because nothing beats reading an artist explain the visual representation of his song, I’m going to let Theo Martins tell it.

“Because it’s the first song on Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor, the ‘Turn It Up’ video is basically about me being at a crossroads. We used imagery of me sitting in the middle of railroad tracks, and again in the middle of a street, to represent that. It’s like I can either run from being at the crossroads aimlessly without a plan, or I can just sit there, brace the impact of what’s to come and deal with it. In the end, with dignity, I opt to stay the course. I can say this much, I’m so far pleased with the results of that decision.” – Theo

Theo Martin’s latest mixtape Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor is out now Read our review and download here.