The Weeknd – “High For This” (The Theorist piano cover) | Video

I’m sure by now you are all familiar with this track. Taken off The Weeknd‘s House Of Balloons [download it here if by some bizarre mistake you haven’t already… don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone], there has been a steady stream of The Weeknd related remixes, covers and reinterpretations. This one is special though.

The Theorist – an experimental producer from Toronto – gives a different spin on a track we know intimately, emphasis on the piano keys spinning an entirely different web to get caught in. Check out the track and accompanying visuals below. [Or maybe just the track without the visuals if you have photosensitive eyes]

The Theorist is set to release a new instrumental EP entitled Ascension on March 20th.

DOWNLOAD: MP3 / Instrumental