The Floacist returns with “Feel Good” video

The Floacist returns to bless audiences with more of her calming and poetic flows on the soulful, nostalgic new single, “Feel Good.”

Unashamedly celebrating adoration for one’s other half, Black Love is elevated to a mystical level on “Feel Good” as Floacist floats between sweetly-sung hooks and powerful, passionate poetry; you know from early in the tune you’re listening to an artist adept at setting a receptive mood for positive vibes.

For those that don’t recall, Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart was one half of the pioneering UK neosoul act Floetry, who sold over 150 million records worldwide before parting ways in 2007 after ten years of good music. Now, following on from her own 2010 solo album Floetic Soul and 2012’s The Floacist Presents Floetic Soul, the wordsmith prepares to release her latest project, Rise Of The Phoenix Mermaid.

The first look from her new album, “Feel Good” leads the way with warm and comforting visuals which center on precious moments shared by couples; tastefully showcasing the unadorned beauty of the body.