The Doppelgangaz – “At Night” | Music Video

One of my favourite hip hop groups right now has got to be The Dopplegangaz. They consist of Matter Ov Fact and EP who are both not only emcees, but produce all of their own beats. Their album Lone Sharks was undoubtedly, one of the most slept on albums of 2011, despite it being hailed as a masterpiece but many blogs and even some of the major hip hop websites. Quirky they are, donning black “Cloaks Not Capes”, their joints are always riddled with morbid humour but it’s always very borderline. They never take it too far which is one of the reasons I dig their music. Plus, their beats truly are phenomenal. These cats are musicians in the truest sense of the word. A lot of instrumentation and less of the digital.
Here they are with their newest video “At Night” which makes it their seventh release of the Lone Sharks album.

If you haven’t already got yourself a copy, it is available on iTunes right here –