The Coup – “The Guillotine” | Music Video

Not one to hold their punches when it comes to assassinating the character of those acting unruly in today’s downtrodden society, The Coup are back with a new video exposing the unethical individuals at the top of current society’s food chain.

Letting folks know that the power of spoken word is worth more than a few bucks, “The Guillotine” video uses the story of The Wizard Of Oz, with a modern day twist, as a catalyst to explain what’s really going on. Complete with Dorothy, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, as well as a few Munchkins and Flying Monkeys, the Oakland rap group travel to the Emerald City to confront the Wizard, who in this case is a stereotypical representation of a greedy banker who thinks money equals power, to execute him.

Taken from the forthcoming album Sorry To Bother You (due out Nov 5th), the video and its content is a fun and imaginatively humorous view of the hypocrisy that is the world’s modern day leadership structure. Peep the video below.