The Bullitts – “Weirdo” (Starring Jesse Williams x Elisa Lasoski) | Video

For your Friday night viewing pleasure, the action packed musical outfit know as The Bullitts present…
A wonderful visual love story piece with a twist created by Jeymes Samuel and starring Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) & Elisa Lasoski (Somerstown), based on the song “WEIRDO”, Written & Produced by THE BULLITTS.

(WEIRDO lyrics):

I’m a Weirdo,
You’re a Weirdo too my love,
So don’t kill all the fun.
I was playing. You were playing too my love,
Until you pulled out that gun,
And shot that photograph
With ENA SHARPLES autograph,
I only tried to have a laugh with you…

Bits and pieces,
Ritz and cheeses over now,
All comes to an end,
names and numbers,
Games and blunders happen now,
But I used to have a friend,
Maybe we’ll never know,
Where dreams and wishes fear to go,
But naked arms don’t have it over you…

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