Talay Riley – “Make You Mine” | Official Video

This is the new single from Sony Music’s Talay Riley, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from East London who has already racked up some fairly substantial songwriting credits to his name. He co-wrote Jessie J‘s latest single “Who’s Laughing Now” for starters, and has written for Chipmunk, One Direction, Cher Lloyd and JLS, amongst others. Talk about getting that mainstream money…

Alongside being one of the pop’s most in-demand writers, Talay’s been grinding as a solo artist, having already released three buzz singles in the last year – “Humanoid”, “Sergeant Smash” and “Good As Gold”, which featured Scorcher.

“Make You Mine” sounds pretty great in the sunshine and the video is a lot of fun – it’s a bit ‘Bruno Mars‘ (“Just The Way You Are”) in its execution and the blue sky backdrop certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s a light and breezy Pop/R&B track that I reckon could do quite well this summer.

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