Stooshe – “Black Heart” | Music Video

Truth be told, from the moment Stooshe first launched last year, I’ve been somewhat of a cynic when it comes to the three-piece girl group  – their loud (dare I say lurid?) styling and unashamed abrasiveness wasn’t working for me at all. In the last couple of months though, they’ve really started to win me around on the strength of their genuine talent. Image aside, it’s become apparent that these girls can actually sing and have pretty impressive chemistry as a group (especially given that they’ve only been together for just over a year), which is palpable on tracks like their Motown-inspired new single “Black Heart”.

I’ll think they’ll win some fans with this one – their styling is worlds apart from debut single “Love Me”, there’s a lot less yelling and it’s serves as a showcase for their vocal ability. Much more of this please girls.

And here’s a bonus that should illustrate my point – the girls performing the track acapella, taken from a uStream session they did earlier this year. That singing stuff they’re doing is dope.

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