Steve Aoki x Angger Dimas f/ Iggy Azalea – ‘Beat Down’ | Music Video

Mega electro-dance producer Steve Aoki is back with another smash, this time teaming up with Indonesian house DJ Angger Dimas and Grand Hustle leading lady Iggy Azalea for “Beat Down.” The bass heavy, electronic song gets an equally strong video treatment with the trio taking centre stage in a boxing ring situated in the woods.

During the video, Azalea cements her existing image as a lover of fashion, taking on a few costume changes as she stomps around the ring in super-high heels, whipping her hair around in ways that would put Willow Smith to shame. One scene in the video looks to be inspired by a famous scene in American Beauty, with Azalea laying on the floor surrounded by rose petals and Aoki comically taking to the same pose with his equally long hair.

Check it out below.