Steve Aoki f/ Kid Cudi x Travis Barker – “Cudi The Kid” | Music Video

We presented Steve Aoki‘s genre-crossing collaboration with Kid Cudi and Travis Barker “Cudi The Kid” back in December, and now, five months on, the amalgamated track gets the fittingly ambiguous footage to accompany.

While the musical direction itself is something rare, the video follows the all-too common format of replacing your star musicians with mini versions. It’s familiar ground up until the point when kid Cudi (get it?), Barker and Aoki are seen leaving an abandoned school bus, to later ride BMXs (which I can only assume have been stolen – no one needs two modes of transport at once) joyfully as their grown up selves indulge in copious amounts of acid in heaven. I’m tripping balls just watching this.

Steve Aoki’s Wonderland is out now.

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