Sneakbo & Stylo G – “Call Mi A Naija” | Music Video

Following a short stint banged up, Sneakbo is back with a new video for the roads in form of “Call Mi A Naija”. On what is basically a collaboration of the two hottest UK artists right now, Nigerian (“Naija”) via Brixton Sneakbo gives his take on Jamaican-born (“Yardie), fellow south Londoner Stylo G‘s banger “Call Mi A Yardie”. “Call me a Naija! I do rap, my uncle’s a 419er” isn’t something to be proud of (419 = “Obtaining Property by false pretenses”), but tell me you didn’t wheel-up the bar. And anyway, when has bragging about crime been frowned upon? Watch the video below.

Also, check Canadian-Yardie “Kardi” aka Kardinall Offishall’s remix.