Skream – “Nefariousa” | Music Video

Complete with juggling pins, creams pies, and blonde twins brandishing molotov cocktails – the video for Skream‘s “Nefariousa” is overloaded with clowns so if you don’t like them don’t play it. Starting off with one such character lying face-down in a motel pool, the video will be appreciated by Skream fans who have watched previous visuals, and possibly freak out newbies. You’ve been warned. Watch the six-minute tale below.

“Nefariousa” is taken from the latest EP to come from Skream in association with Scion AV‘s five-track EP Skream & Benga – available now as a free download.

“Stories that begin with a rainbow wig floating scalp-side down in a swimming pool seldom end well. But you never know…”