Shawty Lo f/ Lil’ Wayne – ‘WTF’ | Music Video

Two years after filming it, D4L founder and G-Unit affiliate Shawty Lo finally releases the video for “WTF,” the bonus track off his Million Dollar Man mixtape (but originally appearing on 2010’s I’m Da Man 3) featuring Lil’ Wayne.

Directed by Mr. Boomtown, this an example of a run-of-the-mill rap video featuring the stereotypical video vixens, fancy cars, money flashing, shiny jewelry and party scenes. Really nothing to see here.

The song itself is also less than groundbreaking, with a pretty average Hannibal beat providing the foundation for L-O and Weezy to build a bunch of mediocre rhymes upon. Good song for the club (or in the car on the way to the club), but I wouldn’t really wanna hear it anywhere else.

Check out the video below, and download Million Dollar Man here.