Sean Paul – “She Doesn’t Mind” | Music Video

The video for Sean Paul‘s new single “She Doesn’t Mind” hit the ‘net a few hours ago. As mentioned in our ]interview with the man himself, this is an example of integrating the popular dance music with dancehall music he’s best known for (drum sequence = dancehall + synths and stuff = euro-house/dance).
Although this is likely to offend many original fans because it falls in line with the current trend of euro-house, this song has grown on me. I understand it more than I did “Got 2 Luv U”. I’d still like to see visuals for dancehall though. Sean (first name basis) told me he’s shooting a medley video for self-produced Material riddim.

p.s. if anyone finds out what airport this is, please leave a comment. Thanks in advance.

p.p.s this piano rendition of the above is quite cool

#NowPlaying Sean Paul ft. DJ Ammo – Touch The Sky. Just leaked and it’s a viiiiibes!