SClusive Premiere: Kyle Lettman – “One More Drink” | Music Video

Kyle Lettman - One More Drink

The third and final member to emerge solo from UK R&B boyband Fun*dmental, who split following their 2010 mixtape The Pudding, Kyle Lettman premieres his new video for “One More Drink” on SoulCulture TV.

“One More Drink” is to feature on Kyle’s imminent EP titled Access, which is earmarked for release in February and will showcase his voice through a range of styles, from dub-step to traditional piano ballads, with production from Moodini and Poppa Sprinkle plus a duet with fellow London singer Coco Dupree.

“I write directly about what I’m feeling,” Kyle says, adding that we can expect songs about, “my ex, my friends, the woman I want but don’t have, the love I wish made, chances I missed and address some of the ugly parts of relationships, then I’ll talk about going out and having a great night doing nothing.”

Watch his new video below and read on to find out more about Kyle’s challenges and growth after FDM.

It’s been three years since Fun*dmental split and Kyle has been the last member to go solo, following ventures by former bandmates Jermaine Riley and Varren Wade.

“I took the break-up pretty bad,” Lettman admits. “I’d felt like my dreams had been shattered and, with no back up plan, in my mind my life was over.

“I wasn’t confident enough to even think about going solo so a kind of depression kicked in and I walked away from music for about a year. In that time out I built a life outside of music, started working and found some things I never had – stability, friends and time.”

He reflects, “I loved the 9-5 world as it gave me security and music is unpredictable. I made new friends and it felt very real, something music takes from you and time to stop and enjoy everything where as music tends to rush you from place to place.” Over that time he also, “learnt one of life’s main lessons – a lesson I wouldn’t have if this breakup hadn’t happened, but then I was only 14 when all that started – but: always have a back up plan! And.. Music is just a hobby ’til it can pay your bills, treat it as such.”

Lettman began easing back into music eventually, when it felt right. “I started writing and recording with no real release plan, it was all for fun and I didn’t take myself seriously,” he says. “But then I started working with the Luna-Kidz and some of the songs I was recording felt really good so we decided let out together a EP and see how it feels. It wasn’t really a choice per-say, it just kind of happened.”

Kyle describes the difference between his solo music and that of FDM as, “as huge as it is similar,” adding, “but you guys may not see the difference right off the bat because I am implementing all the training I got in the group here in this project.”

Slow jams were his forte as a member of the group, and he continues to indulge in them on his upcoming project with the added freedom of being able to, “talk about whatever I want – whereas before there was a cap on what I could say with the group.”

His new music also explores a wider scale of genres, including Afrobeats. “That would never ever be allowed in the group!” he exclaims. “We were very strict on what we were and we stuck to it no matter where we were.”

“The character I played in the group was very quiet and I hardly sang, I had the guys to cover the bases I wasn’t very good at,” he reflects. “Being solo made me put those crutches down and face myself. It also gives me the freedom to be whatever I want to be… It’s now only down to what the show requires me to be.”

Kyle Lettman online: / @KyleLettman / Soundcloud