ScHoolboy Q ft Kendrick Lamar – “There He Go” | Music Video

Last month, shortly before a Kendrick Lamar headlined live event took place at Washington DC’s 930 Club, K.Dot and his Top Dawg Entertainment running mate Schoolboy Q met up with DC based blogger DCtoBC at a swanky villa where Schoolboy gave an impromptu performance of a new as-yet-unreleased track called “There He Go” featuring Kendrick on the hook.

SocialStudiesDC, the team that put the finishing touches on the video, had this to say about what went down…

A lot of things connect the east and the west in our dear nation– highways, non-stop flights, and miles of delicious roadside fast food– but hip-hop isn’t one of them. But leave it to a DC native to play diplomat: blogger and event planner DCtoBC orchestrated the union of newly annointed West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar and hometown up-and-comers Phil Ade, Phil da Phuture, and Ashton Travis for a sold-out stint at the 930 club. A few hours after Kendrick Lamar and his crew touched down on the East Coast, we met up with them at a towering villa tucked away in Woodley Park. As we wandered through the foyer, up the elevator, and over the skywalk (what, your house doesn’t have a skywalk?), Schoolboy Q, a member of Lamar’s black hippy movement, delivered an exclusive performance of the yet-to-be released track, “There He Go.”- SocialStudiesDC


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