Roc Marciano – ‘Thug’s Prayer’ | Unofficial Music Video

After giving both The Alchemist and Meyhem Lauren‘s “Crushed Kremlin” and Das Racist‘s “Roc Marciano Joint” some unofficial, comic-inspired visuals, blogger, director and all-round hip-hopper Dallas Penn aligns Roc Marciano‘s Marcberg cut, “Thug’s Prayer”, with its own footage. Like most of his videos, the idea is very simple, but clipping the funeral scene from Cooley High, it works to perfection.

You can check out the video at the bottom and read the foreword from Dallas below. Apparently, Roc Marci’s Marcberg: Reloaded is coming soon.

I made this clip using the funeral scene from Cooley High. The Roc Marciano track was off his debut classic Marcberg and since he has put a “Thug’s Prayer II” on Marcberg: Reloaded I felt like making something to get people prepped for it.

Marcberg: Reloaded was sent to be mastered this week and I’m told that late September-early October will be the release. I’ll definitely pass along more info as it becomes available to me.

[via Dallas Penn]