PJ Morton – ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ | Music Video

Young Money artist PJ Morton begs “Don’t Break My Heart” in this brand new video, but my heart almost broke watching it. Morton sits, staring pitifully up at the camera with those huge puppy dog eyes, glancing every now and again at his ex-lover in the background packing her belongings into cardboard boxes.

As the singer (who also plays keyboards for supergroup Maroon 5) continues pouring his heart out to his beloved with intense longing, she becomes increasingly agitated before walking out on him. This song tears at the heart strings.

Either PJ has been a very bad boy or that young woman has a heart of steel. However the cookie crumbled, “Don’t Break My Heart” is storytelling mastery.

“Don’t Break My Heart” is off PJ Morton’s Following My First Mind EP which dropped last month – download it for free here.