Pixie Lott x Pusha T – “What Do You Take Me For” [Video Teaser]

To say the very least, I was take aback when the audio of British Pop Star Pixie Lott‘s collaboration with one half of the Clipse and coke rap vet Pusha T, entitled “What Do You Take Me For,” hit the net the other day, and don’t get me started on my reaction to finding out that Dubstep supremo Rusko produced the track. However, for some reason or another the collaboration actually works and to be honest… I like it. To hold her fans over until the song’s official release, which will feature on Pixie’s upcoming sophomore album Young Foolish Happy, the Bromley born singer has now released a teaser of the song’s forthcoming video.

“What Do You Take Me For” is set for release on November 6.

[via playcloths]