Phonte – “The Good Fight” | Music Video

Little Brother‘s break up still leaves a sore spot in many avid fans’ hearts, so when Phonte announced he was hitching a ride on the solo path and will be releasing a Big Pooh-less album, it was bittersweet news. Fast forward several months, Charity Starts At Home had arrived and critics had warmed to Tigallo like times hadn’t changed. To completely ignore any obligations for objectivity a writer should carry, “The Good Fight”, for me, was the biggest reason.

Not only did the song showcase old pal 9th Wonder‘s gentle loops and sensual strings, but ‘Te‘s lyricism truly shone through all the bullsh*t that preceded the pair and provided some of the finest, most humble bars of 2011. Lines like: “Everybody prays for the day they see the light, but the light at the end of the tunnel is a train/Five dollar gas and poverty rates, are rising much higher than your hourly rates/So if you thinkin ’bout quittin, you should probably wait,’ cuz everybody gotta do a f*ckin’ job that they hate,” glided over 9th‘s instrumental with ease as they knocked your soul a decibel or two.

It was only necessary for this record to be gifted a video.

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