Phlo Finister – “Wrong #” | Music Video

Behold Oakland, California born singer Phlo Finister‘s new video for “Wrong #,” a song produced by Jay Curry for her 2011 Crown Gold EP. “We wanted it to feel like a transition into the new project,” she says of the colour stripped video shot at her old apartment in LA; “sort of a vintage style fashion film; it doesn’t really have a linear narrative… it feels quite mod.”

Speaking with RollingStone, who premiered the video, she also comments on female artists’ attitudes to image; “I think women still often feel like they are in a man’s world; sometimes that means doing what you can to be noticed, even if means degrading yourself to be accepted.

“I want to walk alongside a man; we live in the same world. I am not screaming about women’s rights, but I think women need to respect themselves in order to command it from others.”

And like several American artists currently [including Kanye West and Jay Electronica ], Phlo has a strong admiration for London. “I’d love to live there; they love what I do more so than anyone does in the States,” she comments, as many of them do.

“One day, Americans will accept me, maybe. But I’ve always been way more into the British side of things myself. I still have a dream to just live in the Chelsea district; I might just up and leave for London and not look back.”

“I never want to just be perceived as a pretty face; I’m trying to come from a more intelligent and eloquent place that allows the music to take front and center.” –Phlo Finister