Paris Jones – “Summer” | Music Video

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 10.59.36

Its’ hard to remember in the dark, desolate soundscape of Hip-Hop we’re in right now that there used to be so much soul, happiness and fun. We all seemingly follow disenchanted voices down into pits of despair so that we can view ourselves as moving away at great lengths. But what happened to feeling good? Well, unless your favourite artist is Flo Rida [I’m so sorry], that feeling good factor eludes our radar.

Enter “Summer,” a track that singlehandedly prompted this introspection. While I look to explain my point with varied cultural vantage points, most will brashly state ‘I miss the old Kanye West‘, and you know what? Fuck it, me too.

The frustrating, inevitable fact is that it’s not going to happen but I do miss feeling good for the sake of feeling good. Fortunately, Paris Jones’ latest piece is an unequivocal retort to this. While the Clement & Co. visual may disparage my last 200-words of nostalgic waffle, the track itself is an infectious invasion on a dark engulfed room echoing only the loneliest of James Blake tracks that is our genre currently.

“Summer”, as titled, is a fresh beam of light on a bleak terrain in which artists like The Weeknd, Drake and Yeezus-Kanye run for the nearest asylum of shadow. Refreshingly new but strangely familiar, “Summer” is set to appear on You’re Invited to the Assassination of Patrick, Paris Jones’ upcoming album that sees the light of day October 8th.

Until then, treat yourself this weekend to a few head nods, or maybe – just maybe – a smile by hitting play down below.