Pac Div f/ Mac Miller – “Black Acura” | Music Video

Pac Div‘s sophomore album GMB dropped yesterday, and to help push copies of the 17-track project, they’ve just unveiled the visual for their Mac Miller-feature “Black Acura”.

To quote Pac Div member Mibbs, there’s a “quiet cockiness” to the Austin Winchell-directed clip, which alternates between the “rappers doing ordinary ish” theme and more stylish shots of the trio dipping in and out the darkness under coloured filters. The three Pac Div boys are shown chilling on the couch, at the laundromat and at a bar, but the self-assured swag with which they carry themselves tells us that they’re not just average Joes any more.

Of course, Pittsburgh’s Mac Miller is the biggest success, and he’s at the head of the table when the team link up for dinner, dropping a blunted verse as a beautiful female serves him seconds of his not-so-nutritious meal. Whilst the track’s other guest star, Raven Sorvino, doesn’t appear on the album version or in the video, it’s nonetheless worth a watch:

GMB is available now via iTunes.

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