Odd Future – “Oldie” | Music Video

Earlier today, MellowHype announced the news – via Twitter – that there will be a number of OF Tape Vol. 2 music videos to come, until Tyler, The Creator shot down the report via his Twitter account writing: “NO, THERE IS NO VIDEOS CONFIRMED. I WOULD LOVE TO DO VIDEOS BUT NAW, JUST IDEAS, NOTHING IS ROLLING.”. As it turns out, he was just taking the piss (as usual) and the crew have indeed filmed an official video, kicking off with the 10-minute epic, “Oldie”.

The footage comes from the group’s photo shoot a few weeks ago with camera man-to-the-stars Terry Kennedy, and sees Tyler, Hodgy, Vyron, Mike, Domo, Frank, Jasper and Earl rock their vocals in a cypher-style mob. There’s a nice little touch of directing flair from Lance Bangs as each emcee dips in and out of their lines, in between random conversation and cursing.

OF Tape Vol. 2 is out now (although you probably knew that already, right?)

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