Nicki Minaj – “Right Thru Me” Official Video: Behind-the-Scenes

Nicki Minaj takes us behind the scenes on her official video to “Right Thru Me”.

The concept of the video is… boy & girl, relationship, drama. You know all of that, and the intimate stuff, as well as the fighting, as well as the self reflecting type stuff. It’s basically just a love story, told from the perspective of a very hard girl who doesn’t want to give in but she has to. But the song to me is very, very personal. I haven’t spoken about an authentic relationship since I’ve come out. So this is my first time where I’m speaking about something done very, very authentic that everyone in the world can relate to.

Not everybody is rich, not everybody likes jewelry, not everybody like playing dress up but everyone has been in a relationship at some point in their lives. So when you hear a relationship song, it’s like you react.