Mr. Vegas – “Bruck It Down” | Music Video

When it comes to summer raving anthems, you can always count dancehall to deliver something for the ladies to perfect their waist gyrating in the bedroom mirror. This year should be no exception to the rule. Legend Mr. Vegas has been on a killing spree in the Caribbean with “Bruck It Down” over the carnival season.

Boasting 4 million views on YouTube, the Teetimus-produced banger blends futuristic synths with popular ’90s dancehall double kick drum sequence which features on many of the genres hits. If you hear it, but don’t feel it at your computer desk, wait until you’re fortunate enough to feel the vibes in a club. Preferably in the sun with drink in your system.

Remember what I said about practicing in your room? Let the female in the next video be your inspiration. Upload it and you may get a million views too. And on technique, #TwerkTeam got some catching up to do. Nothing better than a dancehall queen. NOTHING! And watch what she does with the chair at 1:20. My work here is done.

Or you can do like this fluffy in Barbados

“Bruck It Down” is available for purchase here