Moonchild ft. Crom Royale – “Dark Minded” | Music Video

Detroit producer Moonchild drops new single “Dark Minded” today which features fellow Detroit emcee Crom Royale.
“Once I started to layer and chop the sample, the mood of the music kinda of naturally took me to a Dark Minded place. I didn’t now exactly what the concept of the song would be at that point, but I knew that it was a perfect landscape for a storytelling type of joint. I sent it over to Crom Royale, with the “Dark Minded” title already in place. I remember his response was crazy. Crom Royale actually created the story line, he also directed and edited the video himself. At the end of the day I feel this is a song that anyone can relate to at some point, just maybe not to the same extent.” – Moonchild

“Dark Minded” if the first single off Moonchild’s Love For The Music EP Part 2 which is due for release December 23rd.