Mickey Factz – “Union Square” | Music Video

Mickey Factz stars as Mickey MauSe in the “1st scene” of his much vaunted, upcoming eponymous album. A conceptual record, Micky MauSe doubles as the soundtrack to Factz’s soon to be released short film-cum-documentary of the same name.

“Union Square” – Mickey MauSe’s 1st scene – introduces us to the album’s titular character, offering an insight into his origins and life story. Cinematic and emotive, the video reels stills of low key, intriguing scenes portraying the candid moments of our protagonists day and life with an art house appeal.

Directed by Slick Jackson and Mickey’s very own stable of up and coming filmmakers collectively known as The Observers Bureau, “Union Square” is a well painted picture, embellishing on Factz’s canvas to create an even more revealing piece. True to form, Mickey allows himself to indulge in his favourite subject, rapping about the arts and the great painters, like Jean Michel Basquiat, who makes a brief, if not impactful appearance, alongside Disney’s boss man himself, Mickey Mouse.

“Union Square” affirms what many Mickey Factz fans have known for some time – he’s a gifted artist in his own right.


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