Mickey Factz (aka Mickey MauSe) – “Hulk Hogan & Crack” | Music Video

The Bronx’s Mickey Factz returns with yet more accompanying visuals from his concept record-slash-new-found alter ego Mickey MauSe. The mixtape, which was released at the end of March, samples the music of Dead Mau5 and Danger Mouse (the connection should be obvious here) throughout its 17 tracks and follows the story of Mickey’s pseudo-character growing up in NYC circa the Fab 5 Freddy, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat era.

Following the lyrical video for “Dreams of Money“, “Hulk Hogan & Crack” yanks the visual direction down to its raw roots, placing Mickey Facts/Mickey MauSe smack bang in abandoned terrain, surrounded by graffiti and other art pieces inspired by the era of Hulk Hogan and crack. Much credit is due Leondotcom‘s way for the directing flair.

Press play below and click here to download the Mickey MauSe mixtape.