Mic Righteous – “Sobered Up” | Music Video

The buzzing but still underrated Mic Righteous drops yet another video in support of his recently released mixtape Kam-Pain – this time for his anthem in favour of clarity, “Sobered Up”. This follows recent videos for “I Know”, “Lean Up” and “Liqoured Up” (see a intoxication-related theme emerging here?).

Kam-Pain dropped as a free download at the beginning of February – the project is a collaboration with producer Preston Play and an extremely solid project which showcases Mic Righteous’s levels and promise, and goes some way to demonstrating why he’s built up a decent buzz in the last couple of years. He’ll be joined by Lowkey in supporting veteran Hip-Hop legend Talib Kweli‘s UK concert dates later this month, which will include shows in London and Manchester.