Maxsta – F64 Freestyle [Video]

Just incase you guys didn’t know… #F64Back. That’s right, the popular viral series where Hip Hop and Grime’s up and coming, established and buzz worthy emcees spit their best 64 bars for all to see, digest, mock, dissect and or praise is back for its third season. Stepping up to the plate on the new season’s eighth episode is East London Grime favorite Maxsta.

I’ve got a lot of time for Max – and for me, someone that has been listening to Grime long before the genre was was actually called Grime, that says a lot. I spent a good few years a little disillusioned with genre, once called Eski beat, but over the last 2-3 years my love for the art form has gradually returned to where it was once was due to emcees such as Max and because of this I had high hopes for the Grime emcee’s F64 debut… and thankfully he didn’t let me down.