Maroon 5 f/ Wiz Khalifa – ‘Payphone’ | Music Video

Adam Levine goes all Last Action Hero on us in the Samuel Bayner-directed video for “Payphone,” the first single from Maroon 5‘s upcoming fourth album Overexposed.

This thing really is like a mini-action movie, complete with cool (and probably expensive) gunfights, car chases and explosions, but there is one problem — the storyline doesn’t make sense. I mean, the video starts with Levine being the victim of a bank robbery and ends with him being chased and shot at by the cops as if he was the criminal. Weird. I guess Wiz Khalifa was playing a homeless guy (with diamond earrings) who just stands under the overpass and raps, ’cause that’s exactly what he looked like. And is the guy watching Levine park his car at the end supposed to be Wiz? He’s got on the exact same outfit but I’m pretty sure that’s a White dude. Or at least somebody a couple shades lighter than he is. If that’s supposed to be a body double for Wiz’s diamond-studded bum character, they didn’t do a good job of casting. It’s all kinda confusing.

Or maybe I just don’t get it. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened.

Anyway, it’s only confusing if you think about it, so don’t. It’s still an entertaining video, so just enjoy the big-budget visuals, sing along to Levine’s Akon impression (’cause I think he sounds a lot like him here) and prepare yourself for Overexposed, which hits stores June 26.