Maino feat. Robbie Navo – “That Could Be Us” | Music Video

“Look at Jay Z and B, that could be us” spits Maino in his latest endeavour to hit the interwebs. Teaming up with newcomer Robbie Navo, the duo prove they know what to say to win over the ladies, comparing what they could be to the likes of Obama and Michelle, Swizz and Alicia Keys and of course, Jigga and King B.

Whilst on 106 & Park the Brooklyn rapper spoke on the influence behind the track: “Everybody know I make street music, I make records coming from the hood, but I was going out on tour and I was seeing a lot of females and they was like, ‘Maino, when you gon’ give us a female record that we could be proud about?’ And it challenged me to go out and make a record dedicated to females.”

Did it work? You tell us.

Maino is set to release his DJ Infamous hosted mixtape I Am Who I Am January 26th.

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