Lykke Li – “Untitled” [Video]

Swedish indie-pop singer, Lykke Li released this rather peculiar and intriguing 3-minute video called ‘Untitled’ via her Vimeo page on Friday and I am at a loss for words as I try to describe this to you so why don’t I let you watch it for yourselves. Make sure you listen out for those emotively textured harmonies that kick in halfway through the clip.

There’s no official word as to whether this video is a preview or a promotional clip for her sophomore album Wounded Rhymes, which is out on February 28th and on March 1st in the US. I must admit that the whole sensation/feeling of these visuals does strike an eerie resemblance to that of the artwork for the new album but only a tad bit.

What are your thoughts?

Pre-Order: Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes (iTunes)

[Spotted at The Fader]