Lolah Brown f/ Bravo – ‘Movin’ On’ | Music Video

With her upcoming project Black Lily, Cleveland-based songstress Lolah Brown is essentially telling listeners that’s who she is. It’s a fitting statement, as she has a voice as beautiful as the flower after which her album is named.

Brown has been singing since the mere age of 5, and prior to working on her solo music she did background vocals for artists like Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, John Legend, Rick Ross, even the legendary Stevie Wonder. After catching waves with her cover of Kendrick Lamar‘s “She Needs Me” as well as her single “Here I Am,” Brown now gives listeners her latest visual in the form of “Movin’ On.”

For the video, directed by Stephen J. Prewitt, Brown takes on the story of a cheating boyfriend who gets caught in the act, and, as the title alludes, she moves on. It’s a great song and she looks absolutely beautiful in the video alongside her unintentionally hilarious friend (watch closely).

Brown’s independently-released debut album Black Lily will be available for free download on June 29th and will feature collaborations with Fly Union and BJ The Chicago Kid.