Loaded Lux – “True Love” | Music Video

Harlem-hailing battle rap veteran Loaded Lux releases a moving visual for “True Love“, the latest track from his new Beloved LP.

With America and the world reeling from events at Newtown, Connecticut, and parents everywhere feeling the pain of those who encountered their worst nightmare on Friday, Lux picks up on a message too often neglected in mainstream hip hop, the theme of parental devotion and unconditional love for one’s offspring. For all those who have already witnessed Loaded Lux’s sermon-like words for his opponent Calicoe in this year’s “Summer Madness 2” event, “True Love” is the continuation, rather than the beginning, of Lux’s attempt to show that thug lifestyles lead to fatherless homes, but it’s impressive all the same.

The track flips Hans Zimmer‘s “Time” from Christopher Nolan’s Inception, and depicts the New York rapper pouring his heart out to his own lil’ man, who he accompanies hand-in-hand through the streets. It begins with the a clip of Lux chastising Calicoe (“Your pops wasn’t no gangsta, he was just another lost n****”) but ends with an image infinitely more positive, the rapper embracing his own son.

Everything about it, from the hook to the final images, are testament to a new paradigm of parental responsibility and true love. Watch below and order your copy of Beloved here.