Lewi White x Ed Sheeran, Griminal, Yasmin and Devlin – “Young Guns” | Official Video

This is pretty good as UK videos go – it definitely trumps last year’s all-star “Game Over” video. The clip for “Young Guns” sees Ed Sheeran, Devlin, Yasmin and Griminal each using (presumably fictional) special powers on the scientist captors (one of whom is producer Lewi White) who are performing various tests on them.

With a treatment like that, and a relatively small budget, this could easily have gone very wrong, but director Carly Cussen pulls it together and we get an interesting visual for one of the year’s most highly-anticipated tracks.

On a side (and pretty obvious) note: Yasmin… woi. Also, I love how Griminal constantly mispronounces people’s names with reckless abandon. Word to Gwen Stefans, whoever that is. And finally, Ed playing with the fire in his palm is a great shot. This tune does get bigger with every listen, especially now there’s a high quality version to listen to.

“Young Guns” is available to download now.

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