Lecs Luther – “Dia Dhuit” | Music Video

The triumphant arrivals of Tyler, The Creator, Danny Brown and ASAP Rocky are proof that the internet, and all its eccentricities, has evolved the Hip Hop ecosystem. A revolution is ripe in the rap world as colorful characters from every creative corner of the internet are being swallowed up and spat out as viral phenoms. 18 year old Dublin emcee, Lecs Luther, has stemmed from this very garden of new age Hip Hop.

Seen below, his “Dia Dhuit” video dropped back in August (okay, you got me), but racked up an astonishing 50,000-plus views on YouTube in its first fortnight, seemingly out of nowhere. Lecs’ choice of chords and way with words have drawn undeniable comparisons to Odd Future‘s lost son, Earl Sweatshirt, but even as he supplants his thick Irish accent with an Atlantic twist, the young rapper insists he isn’t biting. “I’m not rapping about my lifestory so therefore I can play the part of whoever I like. But on a different note you’ll be hearing plenty of my rotten voice in time,” Lecs recently told SickChirpse.

Following the blueprint laid before him in the left field Hip Hop lane, and with the tastefully titled Fish & Chips EP in the ready, Lecs Luther’s 2012 carries much potential. Make sure to follow him on Twitter (@lecsluther) to help keep the promise.


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