L$D (Kreayshawn, Grimes, Blood Diamonds + Tragik) – ‘Don’t Smoke My Blunt B*tch’ | Music Video

I guess contemporary underground music was getting a little stale or something, as “Gucci Gucci” rapper Kreayshawn, indie pop wonder Grimes, Canadian Tropicana artist Blood Diamonds and California-based femcee Tragik have come together in a strange and surprising collaboration to form the L$D supergroup, complete with a dollar sign-infused name (y’know, ’cause that’s the cool thing these days).

Today, they present their first combined effort “Don’t Smoke My Blunt B*tch” and its accompanying footage, that enunciate the uncategorisable mess of sounds with equally as trippy visuals. Neither my ears nor my eyes know what they just experienced. Maybe the fact that the song was apparently made in under 10 minutes and the video in less than an hour is the reason.