Kwes – “Rollerblades” | Music Video


The serious, silly, smooth and unsettling combine in the latest video to accompany Kwes‘ understated, experimental ‘freepop’ – with “Rollerblades.”

Directed by Ian Pons Jewell [who was also behind the Wizard Of Oz-esq visuals for Naughty Boy‘s Sam Smith-featuring hit single “La La La”], the quirky video for “Rollerblades” features rollerskating champion Juan Tocino gliding around the South London songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist in a dark warehouse before inadvertently pulling the plug on him. It’s all a bit weird really, but as one YouTube user puts it: “It’s like a dream. You don’t have to understand it. You just have to enjoy it.”

“Rollerblades” features on Kwes’ debut album, ilp., which was released in October through Warp Records. You can buy the album here, and watch the video below.