Kool A.D. of Das Racist – ‘Al Green’ | Music Video

As if the music itself wasn’t left of centre enough, Kool A.D., the slick-rhyming puzzle piece in the Das Racist trio, shows us how quirky he can get on the camera (not like that) for his recent free solo album, 51. Succeeding the hotel-bound, rain-making party (which included a chicken, not to forget) that was the “La Piñata” music video, here we have footage for Victor Vasquez’s “Al Green” album cut.

Not as mind-bending as the previous clip, this new piece sees the bearded emcee recite his rhymes in a standard photography studio, joined by a very flexible dancer. The visual reference will either be completely irrelevant, or so insanely smart only Kool himself can explain it. My guess is the latter.

You may recall the rapper announced a few tour dates in support of 51 recently. So, check his full schedule here and download the free LP right here. Oh, and do watch the video below. Did I mention the girl is flexible?