KOF – “Looking At Me” | Official Music Video

Liverpudlian rapper/singer KOF has been around for a little while now (he used to go by the name Young Kof), but seems to have finally made a breakthrough with this smooth summer joint. It’s getting support on BBC Radio 1Xtra where it’s been played by the likes of Ronnie Herel, Trevor Nelson, Mistajam and DJ Target, and was produced by KOF himself.

KOF’s an interesting one – I saw him live last year as part of a big showcase of Liverpool acts down in London that included Janiece Myers and the very talented Jay Norton (who’s beginning to get some recognition now himself). He’s a good rapper and a decent singer, but even now sadly some doubt still remains over whether a UK rapper or MC from outside of London (without that clearly established visible presence in the Grime or UK Underground scene) can really blow up in the mainstream. Ultimately though, that could all become irrelevant with one undeniable record.

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