K. Michelle drops ‘The Hold Over’ EP + “V.S.O.P.” Music Video


K. Michelle recently took to Twitter to announce the delay to her album release, “I can’t thank my fans enough for the unconditional love and support. I want this album to be perfect! Thank you for your patience”.
The album Rebellious Soul which was due to be released on July 30th has now been pushed back to August 13th as they work to perfect it.

In the meantime, the famously vocal singer has released an EP titled The Hold Over, featuring three songs, which all seem to be based on K Michelle’s angst at an unrequited love.

The first track “Pain Killa” is an upbeat song directed at the men she describes as “time fillers”, in which her distinctive voice is unmistakable to any fans of the Atlanta based reality series. The second “Million Hearts” song is a ballad which, if slightly strained, exhibits the singer’s obvious emotion. “Wish I Could Be Her” the third and final song is again more upbeat, showing a softer side to the artist’s repertoire whilst still incorporating a “street” edge.

The full EP is available for free download now, here.

Also the video to K Michelle’s latest single “V.S.O.P”, which has reached number seven on the RnB charts in the USA, can be viewed below…

K. Michelle’s upcoming debut album Rebellious Soul will be in stores August 13th, whilst the single is out now.